Writers, writers, and more writers, Geesh…

Let’s think about what that means. There are more writers than there are readers. Bing. ¬†That is correct. The Decatur Book Festival was both an inspiring place for all the people there gathered to talk about books, and also a place to remember to be scared, very scared, for the wave of talented writers outContinue reading “Writers, writers, and more writers, Geesh…”

Writers on Writers’ Block

This interesting video showcases a number of writers talking about writers’ block. What always shocks and disappoints me is to see so many professional writers dismiss writers’ block as non-existent. Most of those who comment dismissively on it seem to have a very narrow definition for writers’ block: the inability to put words on paper.Continue reading “Writers on Writers’ Block”

The Stories I Like To Teach 2: Robert Travieso’s “Bouncing”

As I look over and scour through the materials I select for teaching fiction, I see that I have a strong preference for stories with salient plots. ¬†Quiet Checkovian stories are certainly admirable, but I find the pull of fiction strongest with a good mix of character development and enticing plots. I also make roomContinue reading “The Stories I Like To Teach 2: Robert Travieso’s “Bouncing””