The First Queen in Recorded Human History?

Meet Kubaba. She’s a Sumerian Queen. Although it’s been a while since I’ve been working on my Sumerian project, all the same interesting information about Sumerian culture keeps on trickling in to me. This one is about the first Sumerian (or maybe Akkadian?) queen, ergo first queen in recorded human history. Meet Ku-Bau.  She’s aContinue reading “The First Queen in Recorded Human History?”

The Cosmic Wisdom of Sumerian Mystics

Writing fiction can take you to some very strange places. I like to write about what fascinates me.  Steve Almond says follow your obsessions: if you’re going to be married to a novel or a full length work for a year or so, it might as well be on something that really, really motivates you. What fascinatesContinue reading “The Cosmic Wisdom of Sumerian Mystics”

Semiramis: Tree of Life

The research I’m undertaking for my novel has moved me to look into very ancient Middle Eastern myths.  Anyone who has read or even heard of Joseph Campbell by now knows that myths repeat with infinite but subtle variations across time and space.  Nonetheless it’s still startling to me to find some very obvious, veryContinue reading “Semiramis: Tree of Life”