An Interview of me with Tina Whittle on Fiction Writers Review

I had intentions to write about the more subtle devastations of war, the effects that are visited on those who stay behind—the children, the wives, and mothers. I had a vague idea that my own life, though so removed from those events, also had been affected by my ancestor’s role in the two wars—and I was right, in more ways than I could anticipate.

Art’s Savage Nature: A Review of Sarah Falkner’s Animal Sanctuary

Sarah Falkner’s debut novel Animal Sanctuary is the winner of the 7th Starcherone annual prize for innovative fiction. The novel is a complex rendering of the injustices, abuses and incongruities that keep the art world thriving. It’s a sad chronicle of the sacrifices artists will make to honor their art, and it’s a study onContinue reading “Art’s Savage Nature: A Review of Sarah Falkner’s Animal Sanctuary”

>Between the Sheets–Katrina’s review of the 2010 McDowell book

>Last summer, as I was perusing the new book section at my local public library, I came across a book in non-fiction whose spine declared it was Between the Sheets. I was intrigued enough to pull it from the shelf and read its entire title: Between the Sheets: The Literary Liaisons of Nine 20th-Century WomenContinue reading “>Between the Sheets–Katrina’s review of the 2010 McDowell book”