What Karma Is and What Karma Isn’t

I hear this a lot: “What comes around goes around.” I love saying it. And I love saying, “Bad Karma” and “That’s just karma, dude,” and what I really mean with that is, “you had it coming,” or “tough break,” or “it couldn’t be helped,” but like many people who grew up with too manyContinue reading “What Karma Is and What Karma Isn’t”

Happy Diwali

Tonight,  it’s time to clean up the house and light a candle to welcome Diwali, the festival of lights.  It helps to have colorful candy and to call your brother, too, as Diwali is a way to welcome luck and prosperity into your home, and also to bring harmony into your household. Traditionally, Diwali isContinue reading “Happy Diwali”