And Art Will Deliver Us

There are some people who, when the world gets tough, put their faith in God.  Me, I put my faith in my students.  Now, if you don’t know me and you’re reading this, you may think, what? She’s a creative writer. What exactly does she think she’s got to offer the future generation? And myContinue reading “And Art Will Deliver Us”

The Stories I Teach and Why I Teach Them: #1 “A Good Man Is Hard To FInd”

I teach an undergraduate class in fiction at Georgia Southern University.  I often have to think which stories I can select from the amazingly large arsenal of great literature.  This is no easy feat.  I’ve decided to post a series of blogs on the selections I make, explaining why they lend themselves as good examplesContinue reading “The Stories I Teach and Why I Teach Them: #1 “A Good Man Is Hard To FInd””

Best Books For Teaching and Learning Story

What are the best books for students of fiction? I’ve been a student of fiction for the last twenty years. I’ve read a lot of books, interviews and essays about the craft of fiction, some as ancient as Aristotle’s Poetics, which still features on the top list of all the recommended readings for aspiring writers,Continue reading “Best Books For Teaching and Learning Story”