What Kind of (Fiction) Writer Are You?

I wrote this for a textbook in progress, as a preamble to start a discussion on plot, and I’m not sure I want to include it. So here I am posting this, hoping whomever reads it can leave me feedback and let me know what they think. Did you learn something? Is this obvious? TooContinue reading “What Kind of (Fiction) Writer Are You?”

The Scholarship of Storytelling

Where does the impulse to tell stories come from? Where does it begin? Why communicate through fable and myth? Why do stories follow the same archetypal patterns regardless of historical or cultural environments?¬†I have complied a bibliography on texts that explore direct and tangential studies on storytelling¬†. Bibliography Anderson, William. The Face of Glory: Creativity,Continue reading “The Scholarship of Storytelling”

Best Books For Teaching and Learning Story

What are the best books for students of fiction? I’ve been a student of fiction for the last twenty years. I’ve read a lot of books, interviews and essays about the craft of fiction, some as ancient as Aristotle’s Poetics, which still features on the top list of all the recommended readings for aspiring writers,Continue reading “Best Books For Teaching and Learning Story”