The Biology of Writing (Or Not Writing) Creatively

I love brain science. Ever since I was a child and I heard that human beings use only 10% of their brain’s capacity (since proven to be a myth) I wanted to have a job where I would get to study the brain all day long. I didn’t become a neuroscientist — in part becauseContinue reading “The Biology of Writing (Or Not Writing) Creatively”

>Storytelling and Telling Stories by Tina

>My grandmother always told me, “Now don’t you be telling no stories.” But I always did. I couldn’t resist a story, even if it meant making one up for no reason but the making. My grandmother said these were lies. My husband would agree. He’s an engineer, suspicious of the frayed edge that all storiesContinue reading “>Storytelling and Telling Stories by Tina”