Let’s Define Literary Fiction, Shall We?

“I looked for stories with narrative ambition, complex characters, and imaginative use of language, the familiar staples of good storytelling. I prefer, on the whole, stories that present readers with situations requiring resolution, inviting moral choice, finding ambiguity in life experiences we are tempted to simplify…. [Stories that] explore classic themes embedded in unexpected orContinue reading “Let’s Define Literary Fiction, Shall We?”

>Laurie Lovell’s Lovely Non-Lin Art

> I consider myself lucky to know so many talented people. I’m proud to present my friend Laurie Lovell’s art work. These lovely pieces were recently for display in a downtown Savannah shop/art gallery. Hands off the basket (titled nest): that one has my name on it, but friends, I have two of Laurie’s windowContinue reading “>Laurie Lovell’s Lovely Non-Lin Art”