Winter Sale – Free Shipping on After Life as a Human

Hey there, just wanted to let everyone know that as part of a Winter Sale, my publisher, Rain Chain Press, is offering FREE SHIPPING on my book, After Life as a Human. Advance Praise for After Life as a Human “In Laura Valeri’s new and beautifully-written collection of linked essays, she transports us to DogContinue reading “Winter Sale – Free Shipping on After Life as a Human”

Story Makers and Story Chasers – a theory

This came up because I was reading a book by Stephanie Feldman titled The Angel of Losses.  I really liked it, in spite of the fact that it was kind of a mess, structure-wise, meandering and digressing at every turn, and I could feel at times the frustration of the writer trying to contain thisContinue reading “Story Makers and Story Chasers – a theory”

Don’t Let Anybody Tell You No: MK Asante on rejection, hip hop, and writers who are better than you.

If you are one of the lucky, then you were able to attend the  meet and greet today at the Library at Georgia Southern, where bestselling writer, film maker and hip hop artist MK Asante quickly turned the event into a hall of wisdom for aspiring writers and music artists.  If you weren’t, here are someContinue reading “Don’t Let Anybody Tell You No: MK Asante on rejection, hip hop, and writers who are better than you.”

I Teach People To Feel — That’s What Writers Do

Writer John Dufresne used to say, “You want to be a better writer? Be a better person.” I teach people to read their own lives. I teach them how to make sense of their own narratives, how to break down the barriers and defenses that keep them from knowing themselves and knowing others. Those barriers are embedded in the language itself.

Om, Sumerians and the Sumero/Tamil Connection

If you’re a Sumerian geek you may truly get a kick out of what I found today browsing the internet:  a reference to OM/AUM in Hymn 31 of the Sumerian chants on a blog called The Spiritual Sun. What? Not so surprising to me.  But first, let me clarify by reposting here some of theContinue reading “Om, Sumerians and the Sumero/Tamil Connection”

The Writers’ Voice Contest Query

Dear Agents: Six thousand years ago, the Sumerian civilization arose as if all at once in the land now known as Iraq, with advanced architecture, complex political structures, music, poetry, and fine arts.  At the height of its flourishing, two dynasties vied for supremacy over the dozens of city states that comprised Sumer: the dynasty ofContinue reading “The Writers’ Voice Contest Query”

A Review of Jason Ockert’s Wasp Box

Thanks to everyone who read and shared my post on teaching and on Boudinot. I’m not used to being so visible so I shied away from my blog for a bit. Now, to change the subject, my review of the talented Jason Ockert is online with the Sycamore Review. Here’s a snippet:   Wicked Whispers:Continue reading “A Review of Jason Ockert’s Wasp Box”