An Interview with Jason Ockert on Wraparound South

Check out my interview with Jason Ockert on Wraparound South.  Here is a tantalizing snippet: © 2014 Wraparound South Interview with Jason Ockert Well before his first collection was published, Jason Ockert had already seen his work printed in some of the best literary magazines of our time: Oxford American, McSweeney’s, theIowa Review, and other publicationsContinue reading “An Interview with Jason Ockert on Wraparound South”

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing is a blog-tag of writers talking about the books they wrote or are writing.  The fabulous Emma Bolden, who introduced me to this blog-tag, just came out with a striking poetry collection titled Maleficat about women and magic. I had the privilege of reading some of those poems as excerpts andContinue reading “The Next Big Thing”

>Susanna Interviews Tia Nevitt

> Tia, thank you for visiting the Mojito Literary Society. For those of you just joining us, you may want to read my gushing review of Tia’s book Sevenfold Spell. If you have any questions for Tia, please leave a comment below. Let’s get started… What about fairytales fascinates you? Why do you want toContinue reading “>Susanna Interviews Tia Nevitt”

>Liz Fichera discusses CAPTIVE SPIRIT

>Today Liz Fichera is stopping by the Mojito Literary Society to answer some questions about her awesome book Captive Spirit. Liz’s vivid prose captures the culture and surroundings of the Hohokam, a tribe of Native Americans that lived in the desert around modern day Phoenix. Her book is a fabulous coming-of-age/ adventure / love storyContinue reading “>Liz Fichera discusses CAPTIVE SPIRIT”