Realms Intercepting

I ran across an interesting article today in the New York Times about a new exhibition at the Rubin’s museum on Tibetan healing arts.  The exhibit takes great pains to show the intricacies of the medical arts, even if they rely on what Western scientists would consider voodoo. The writer of the piece seemed quiteContinue reading “Realms Intercepting”

The Fifth Element: the Sanskrit Akasha, String Theory and The Higgs Boson

Years ago I began to realize that I didn’t have to be a lapsed Catholic. More accurately, I began to see that I wasn’t alone in my home-grown theory about what else might be out there in the Universe. It’s just that when you peer out that tiny slit of a window from the brickContinue reading “The Fifth Element: the Sanskrit Akasha, String Theory and The Higgs Boson”

Make It Beautiful

So, I got a little morose today during yoga. It happens a lot to people: blockages. They start in your mind and move to your body.  The reverse is also true. Usually, I feel really good after I do yoga but occasionally I feel like crying.  This great emptiness opens inside me and there isContinue reading “Make It Beautiful”