Realms Intercepting

I ran across an interesting article today in the New York Times about a new exhibition at the Rubin’s museum on Tibetan healing arts. ┬áThe exhibit takes great pains to show the intricacies of the medical arts, even if they rely on what Western scientists would consider voodoo. The writer of the piece seemed quiteContinue reading “Realms Intercepting”

Composite Characters: Fantasy Meets Real Life, Real Life Alters Fantasy

In formal venues, I have presented and written about the necessity of research in fiction, the caveats, the immersion process, the repercussions of altering history or fact, the responsibility of writers to glean detail in the most absolute accuracy.┬áBut for this post, I want to talk about the fun part of interacting with facts (orContinue reading “Composite Characters: Fantasy Meets Real Life, Real Life Alters Fantasy”