Creativity, Education, and the Economy

I’ve been an educator for almost fifteen years.  When I was a student, school teachers and professional administrators emphasized that my college education was meant to expand my mind, make me a global citizen, and teach me nothing if just the ability to teach myself.  However more and more, as an educator, I see bothContinue reading “Creativity, Education, and the Economy”

Tenth of December: Saunder’s Vision of A Pharmacologically-Obsessed Future

If you haven’t yet picked up this book, do it.  If you’re a writer and you haven’t yet picked up this book, really do it.  If you’re a writer writes fiction and you haven’t yet picked up this book: you’re missing out if you don’t do it.  This is one of the best story collectionsContinue reading “Tenth of December: Saunder’s Vision of A Pharmacologically-Obsessed Future”

Fictional Misconceptions

I’ve been teaching fiction for a very long time, and I confess that even as a graduate of two MFAs, without an MA in literature I was once both confused by and uninterested in the proliferation of terms applied by the literati to the many forms of fiction that I like to write. Nonetheless, teaching is theContinue reading “Fictional Misconceptions”

Writers on Writers’ Block

This interesting video showcases a number of writers talking about writers’ block. What always shocks and disappoints me is to see so many professional writers dismiss writers’ block as non-existent. Most of those who comment dismissively on it seem to have a very narrow definition for writers’ block: the inability to put words on paper.Continue reading “Writers on Writers’ Block”

The Writing Hour

I’ve heard of writers having all sorts of curious habits ever since I was in high school, but I have never really been obsessed with rituals and habits until recently, though I was always around plenty of other writers who had them. My roommate in college, for example, wouldn’t sit down to write a singleContinue reading “The Writing Hour”