On Creativity and Vulnerability

I had the fortune of finding a link to this wonderful interview between Seth Godin and Debbi Millman, and in the first ten minutes you might see why I am reposting it here. Let’s just say it has to do with Dr. Seuss and the answer to the question: “Why write another book? Why bother,Continue reading “On Creativity and Vulnerability”

The Biology of Writing (Or Not Writing) Creatively

I love brain science. Ever since I was a child and I heard that human beings use only 10% of their brain’s capacity (since proven to be a myth) I wanted to have a job where I would get to study the brain all day long. I didn’t become a neuroscientist — in part becauseContinue reading “The Biology of Writing (Or Not Writing) Creatively”

>Laurie Lovell’s Lovely Non-Lin Art

> I consider myself lucky to know so many talented people. I’m proud to present my friend Laurie Lovell’s art work. These lovely pieces were recently for display in a downtown Savannah shop/art gallery. Hands off the basket (titled nest): that one has my name on it, but friends, I have two of Laurie’s windowContinue reading “>Laurie Lovell’s Lovely Non-Lin Art”