Halloween True Story Spook

I’m participating in the Mojito Literary Society Countdown to Halloween True Ghost Stories blog tags, and I thought I’d repost here in my personal blog the ghost story I posted there. If you’re into true ghost stories, check out the Mojito Literary Society for true ghost stories from writers Maryanne Stahl, Ann Hogsett, Tina Whittle,Continue reading “Halloween True Story Spook”

>The Day the Brownies Made Me Think

>by Abigail I’m a foodie. The crazy kind. I think of parmesan reggiano as a staple. I keep assorted colors of quinoa in my pantry, and think it amusing to make tri-colored quinoa dishes. I use whole grains and flax meal. I have opinions of butter (West Country with Maldon sea salt, thank-you.) I cookContinue reading “>The Day the Brownies Made Me Think”