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  1. Hi Laura, I came across your writing on Sumer and the invention of money. I did a lot of research on Sumer and published Sumerianturks. Only a few articles so far but I will publish more soon. Let me know. I will keep reading your articles on Sumer and check it against what I know so far.

  2. PS. Your defining of the word kur has something in common. The idea of coming out of. You come out of the underworld in the east, out from Elam, out from the mountains, out from foreignors. And it reminds me of a week ago when i discovered the word Mar being used for WEST where Noah the son of God went to dwell in the west when his wife died, he went out into the sea (Kittim Cyprus) to the west, where the sea is called Mare and Mari and as Naomi said call me mari because it means bitter, but it refers to bitter waters, much like bitter populations, tossed sea of waves, etc. Thus the connection between Mar the son (as in Jospeh Ben Matthias, Joseph Bar Metthias or Joseph Mar Matthias) and the west would be Noah, or when migration (your sons) head west instead of those who head east. Going toward the sun is not always east because for example if you head west all day, the summer sun will take you to Britain, the winter sun will take you to Lybia, the winter rise to Elam and India, the summer rise to Russia Siberia. It is all based on what they choose to make of former written words to live by.

  3. HEY, I just discovered YOU; why do places close comments? I wanted to share actual Dumuzi dates and Marduk dates (the Marduk that is Mars, not Jupiter). 13x 360 day = 6x 780 day. (I discover or unveil discoveries by finding how global world errors can be confused, and were.) The actual Dumuzi and actual Marduk that built Babylon are actually two different dates though they are the same 13-year Mars. Babel the tower was started for the city of Kish on new year 2240bc Nov 18 (Noah’s year 732) while Babylon’s first king ruled 1894bc Nov 2 ALL SOULS DAY (Noah’s year 1083) where these 346 Julian years are 351 of 360-day and so 13-year Mars. What this means is 2240bc is labeled as Dumuzi, and 1894bc is labeled as Marduk, and together they merge as if one creation date of the city. Last week i noted that the Zi (life-force) seems derived from Di (day aka the sun dios and dias, and also God as if the sun), the evolution seems to have taken Dios and Dias and Dius and Deus into both Theos and Zeus (Zi-us). What got me there was finding that Chinese Huang Di verifies that di is both day and god, and that the Chinese year 255-315 from Chinese NuWa’s Flood matched the 60 years of Shiloh (Shelah) to Harran Day (Hawwang Di) the son of Terah in Ur. So then pondering Huang Di, then I also pondered Dumu Zi. Interestingly Marduk does not lose its LEADER status. Looking at Mars on the calendar new year makes Dumu-Zi a leader of the year. But that status is also given to a Marduk New Year whose 52 year span (51.25 Julian) marks off quarter seasons to form a full Julian cycle of 205 years (208x 360 day). This too marks Babel 2240bc to Amizaduga 1625bc, and i find it’s origin to be 205-year old Terah of Ur. I once thought Nimrod invented Marduk since his first Dumuzi was 130 years after the Flood; (10x 13 year Mars is 13x 10 year sars of 3600 days, once again a Sar being leader of the Decade, eventually leader of the year). What i now realize is three Marduks exist for the same 360-day calendar, Terah’s 2148bc -2058bc -2007bc -1943bc then Babel’s brought from Haran of Ur to Nimrod 2060bc -2009bc (which includes the 2368bc -2240bc -1894bc), and then Harran Syria absorbed by Mari Syria and kept separate by Asians while in Babylon it is now Mayan America. Thus as new years they are 720 days apart Haran then Babel then Terah, but for any given Mars conjunction they are in 60-day increments, where Terah is the TAU conjunction observed 60 days before and 60 days after, and so Babel’s is day 60 as rising morningstar (the rising Marduk of July 8 in 2009bc is 45 days after actual TAU May 24 though Terah’s Marduk places artifical TAU as 60 days May 9), Harran’s is the morningstar 60 days after Babel’s and so 120 days after Terah’s TAU, and the Maya shift that another 20 days (so 140 of Terah, and 80 of Babel, and 20 of Harran) of which Mayans also shift all 360-day tun to be 20 days after the original preFlood and Noah’s. I then find that the 2088bc Greek Terah is from mistaking the Jupiter Marduk new year date (September 1) as being that of 780-day Mars new year Dumuzi/Marduk. truthfully, hmmm, i have never looked for a Gilgamesh Dumuzi date. And since Harran’s Marduk began in 2049bc, the Gilgamesh visit to Noah in 2040bc would have all three versions known to him. For 2041bc Terah TAU 5-01-934 (Apr 27); Babel 7-01 (Jun 26); Harran 9-01 (Aug 25); Mayan (9-21 =Sep 14). For 2039bc Terah TAU 7-01-936 (Jun 16); Babel 9-01 (Aug 15); Harran 11-01 (Oct 14); Mayan (11-21 =Dec 3). Reconstructing this, does mean a confusion took place for the 936-year unit of the Armageddon calendar countdown of 3744 years from 2256am to 6000am. In 360-day the 2256am starts with the Babel Marduk of 1778bc Feb 26 (Noah’s 1200) to the first of four 936 years do not complete until 855bc, while in Egyptian year 1200 is 1770bc as 2256am to 834bc). BOTH of these get confused as this 936in 2039bc. Actually though i never looked for a Dumuzi in 2040-2039bc this is old school revival for me regarding Gilgamesh confused as year 936, which is also confused with Nineveh regarded as 312 (the third of 936) which is carried thru to 312bc Seleucus, to Magi Christ, to 312AD Constantine and its being inconsistant with the 624 years it should be, (just like Nabopolassar and Nebuchadnezzar). Note the 21-year difference between father and son, with Amizaduga’s 21 years, and with this Nineveh to GIlgamesh as 21 years, as well as Ur’s fall at Peleg’s death to Marduk Street as 21 years. Alot of 21-year to make error of.

  4. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama 🙂

  5. Hello Laura: I have just randomly browsed some of your research entries after googling some Sumerian words. I am a graduate student studying Assyriology and Sumerology, and it’s always pleasing to see someone make good use of the literature of the field. You’ve done a good job with the very complex and difficult figure of Dumuzi, it can be bewildering talking about a Sumerian deity this complex but it can also be a puzzle that’s hard to put down. I think I would have made a comment on that thread but the comment box is absent. In any case, I will wish you all the best with your work on Gilgamesh – if you may want feedback on this or any Mesopotamian topic, or suggestions for up to date bibliography etc. feel free to mail me: bill.mcgrath@utoronto.ca . I also organize a discussion forum which focuses on the academic discussion of Mesopotamian religion and magic, you’re welcome to visit: http://enenuru.proboards.com/

    1. Hey, I’m so pleased you found and read my blog. And thanks for alerting me that there is no comment thread box (weird). I’ll look into that. I am doing this as an amateur so it always makes me a little nervous to post stuff becuase the scholarship changes as people in the field learn more. I will definitely check out your links. I’m on the road right now, but will dive into it enthusiastically when I come back. I’m fascinated. Thanks for offering to help.

    1. Thank you. Working towards those 10,000 hours we supposedly all have to put in so as to become great at what we do… Although in my case, I think I may need 15,000: I’m always so much slower. Thanks for reading my bio.

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