An Interview of me with Tina Whittle on Fiction Writers Review

I had intentions to write about the more subtle devastations of war, the effects that are visited on those who stay behind—the children, the wives, and mothers. I had a vague idea that my own life, though so removed from those events, also had been affected by my ancestor’s role in the two wars—and I was right, in more ways than I could anticipate.

Some Great Events in Savannah and Statesboro that You Won’t Want to MIss

Today I’m using this blog post for a shameful promotion of some really cool events that I’m lucky to be featured in. October 5 from noon to 4PM The Book Lady Book Store, 6 East Liberty Street, Savannah Local Author Day sponsored by The Book Lady Bookstore, now one of Savannah’s landmarks and definitely theContinue reading “Some Great Events in Savannah and Statesboro that You Won’t Want to MIss”

Everything That Matters I Learned From My Tennis Instructor

I’m severely astigmatic, which goes a long way in explaining those traumatic adolescent experiments in sports that my teachers put me through.  And I don’t mean just the usual traumatizing gym class so overplayed in teen movies, even though I had plenty of those teen-movie angst moments, like when my American peers thought to welcomeContinue reading “Everything That Matters I Learned From My Tennis Instructor”