So, shoot me!

Yeah. It’s about guns.  So shoot me. Of all the typical, banal, most trite, most tribal, most revisited, warn-out, decidedly unresolved “controversies” between the left and the right, this is the one that I like the least.  It feels like such a waste of time, and yet it’s also so important, and so boring, and … Continue reading So, shoot me!

I Don’t Want to Live in Rainbow Land And You Can’t Make Me

This is just a short post from the social commentary aspect of my blog. I recently watched the movie The Campaign, a Will Ferrel movie that I would only recommend as a light, entertaining film to watch when you don’t feel like getting involved in serious intellectual stuff. I’m going to spoil the highlight for … Continue reading I Don’t Want to Live in Rainbow Land And You Can’t Make Me

Bully See, Bully Do

Last night, after an almost unbearable television essay about teens who ended their lives on account of relentless bullying, I endured yet another twenty minutes of a show in which Dr. Phil, and another prescriber-of-cures-for-social-ills whose name I don’t remember, gave teachers and legislators a grade of C- for their inability to stop bullying in … Continue reading Bully See, Bully Do