A Review of Jason Ockert’s Wasp Box

Thanks to everyone who read and shared my post on teaching and on Boudinot. I’m not used to being so visible so I shied away from my blog for a bit. Now, to change the subject, my review of the talented Jason Ockert is online with the Sycamore Review. Here’s a snippet:   Wicked Whispers:Continue reading “A Review of Jason Ockert’s Wasp Box”

A Review of Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson

Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson My rating: 5 of 5 stars Hurray, another favorite book! Lately they’ve been coming fewer and farther in between, but this one was a real winner. It’s about a boy living in the paleolithic era approximately 30,000 years ago. He’s an unwilling Shaman’s apprentice, and for almost half the bookContinue reading “A Review of Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson”

How GoT Lost Cred

I admit that I wasn’t all that hot on the GoT fashion train when it first became the GoT fashion train. I read the book, only the first one. It felt tediously slow and unreasonably long for what I got out of it.  It had way too many characters and the plot advances at aContinue reading “How GoT Lost Cred”

In Honor of Banned Books Week

This week, many libraries are participating in Banned Book Week events, asking readers to talk about a book that is banned or threatened. The list is long and disappointingly filled with books I loved, from To Kill A Mockingbird to The Bluest Eye and many of Mark Twain’s masterpieces.  But the one book that IContinue reading “In Honor of Banned Books Week”