Sumerian Connections to the Bible

Cuneiform TI sign Ancient Near East portal Cuneiform TI or TÌL (Borger 2003 nr. ; U+122FE 𒋾) has the main meaning of “life” when used ideographically. The written sign developed from the drawing of an arrow, since the words meaning “arrow” and “life” were pronounced similarly in the Sumerian language. With the determinative UZU 𒍜 “flesh, meat”, UZUTI, it means “rib”. This homophonyContinue reading “Sumerian Connections to the Bible”

Inquiry Is Not An Enemy of Faith

I came across a film on Netflix titled Agora.  Because I’m doing a lot of research on the ancient world, I thought it might be interesting to watch. The film was about a woman philosopher, astronomer and mathematician living in Alexandria, Egypt in 400 A.D.  Her name is Hypatia.  She lived right at the timeContinue reading “Inquiry Is Not An Enemy of Faith”

Amma, Mamma, Mother God

Mata Amritanandamayi is the name of the saint known most popularly as “the hugging saint.”  To her devotees she is merely Amma, a word in Sanskrit that means mother. To some she may even be the more charming Ammachi, or Amritachi, variations on a word that since the beginning of written language has been usedContinue reading “Amma, Mamma, Mother God”