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I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging, and I also have a new website, which is part of the reason I have not been “present” on my blog – I wanted to figure out whether I wanted to keep the site as it is or even keep it at all. I also wanted to try a different look.

I have such limited time to write that I often do not prioritize blogging enough. Nonetheless, I am making a promise to myself to blog more, in the hope of interesting those who are still subscribed (thank you!) and to keep in touch with readers of my books for those “behind the scene” glimpses that I think some may enjoy.

Some news: my new book about Dog Island is in press with an independent Florida publisher. COVID19 has thrown a wrench into the publication date, which was supposed to be this past March of 2020. Right now, things are a bit in limbo, but it’s coming soon. The Italian version of the book is still going strong.

I’m reposting some pictures of the island that I took when I went back in 2018, years from my initial visit. We did not stay in the same house as the first time, and it was after hurricane Michael had devastated the island, but long enough after the cleanup that we were able to experience the same pristine Dog Island I remembered from 2016.


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