Olga Rudge’s Romantic Defiance

2 thoughts on “Olga Rudge’s Romantic Defiance”

  1. Did they really refer to each other in the third person? Seems rather impersonal. I love her line, “As for god, she is probably at a level of low development..” Reminds me of Wendell Berry’s first line in his poem Hidden Singer, “The gods are less for their want of praise.”
    As you, I find her courage in that time to be remarkable. If I was using her as the inspiration for a character in a story, would my muse allow me to portray a woman so fierce and committed?
    T. J. Silverio

    1. Yeah, they wrote to each other in the third person, as if writing a book. Here is another tidbit: apparently they were both voracious fans of detective novels, Agatha Christie being in vogue at that time.

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