Month: January 2015

Vonnegut on Novelists

Originally posted on Writing That Matters:
” . . . novelists are not only unusually depressed, by and large, but have, on the average, about the same IQs as the cosmetics consultants at Bloomingdale’s department store. Our power is patience. We have discovered that writing allows even a stupid person to seem halfway intelligent, if…

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Film Essays About Film

What great things you can find by stomping around on the Internet. Here are three really cool film essays about film from a Vimeo channel called Kogonada I selected three that I really liked, but if you’re a video buff, you’ll probably spend some time checking out all the good stuff. Here are my picks:…

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Indie Movies That Boggle The Mind: Movies for People who Like a Mind Challenge

With more opportunities for indie markets, in comes some pretty interesting stuff at the movies.  As a lover of postmodern fiction, I really like a good mind-f** when it comes to a story, especially if it’s a movie, and doubly so if it’s also a comedy or romance. Everyone’s already seen Inception, Matrix, and Memento,…

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The Funniest Movie Scenes Ever

I thought I’d start my first new year’s post on a high note.  I’d been thinking about moments in movies when I laughed so hard it actually made the entire movie.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized there are some truly amazing funniest scenes in movies. Here are five, in no…

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