How GoT Lost Cred

One thought on “How GoT Lost Cred”

  1. I really like Jaime’s development through out the series, but it didn’t really shock me that he wouldn’t think twice about having sex in the same space as Joffrey. He never seemed to fatherly towards any of the kids. He couldn’t acknowledge them as his own so didn’t really have a relationship with any of them. The little bit where he did interact with Joffrey, Joffrey was a complete piece of shit who was disrespectful and dismissive towards him. I think Jaime compartmentalizes. He knew that those were his kids biologically, but emotionally? I don’t think he claimed them, or wanted them. He just wanted Cersei, and their relationship was all kinds of messed up.
    I find the shows’ depictions of political machinations interesting. How some people will stop at nothing to gain power, and why they even want the power in the first place. Then consider how everyone else is affected by these larger struggles. And there are plenty of strong female leads in this story. Margery? Daenerys? Sansa? Arya? Melisandre? I like that Sansa is becoming more cunning and figuring out ways to make her relationship with Littlefinger beneficial for her, instead of just being his puppet.

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