Mermaids Who Create Retreat: Part 3, Wherein Laura Gets to Ride Her Bike On The Beach

IMG_0284This one is a little late, but that’s because I have been busy with a day of sunshine, riding my cruiser on the beach with Joel. Sunday was a perfect day in Tybee, just brushing the low sixties, with mild breezes, a wonderful time to be out and about.

I took a bunch of photos of the art and knick knacks in the Shrimp Cottage so I would remember for when I continue and hopefully finish my story about Duke and Ellie who come to Tybee from New York to catch a respite from the cold and the craziness of their jobs.


In terms of days, we couldn’t have gotten luckier.  Here is beach art I almost accidentally erased. Can you see the sailboat and the sun? The happy waves?


Here are some pictures of the fun stuff happening on the cottage:

This happy fish pinata sat on top of the refrigerator.






Look at the happy smile on the goldfish. So funny and so cute.
IMG_0303This chips and salsa bowl set was my favorite. The hot tub salsa bowl is a howl, but the details on the chips bowl!  Can you see the little grill with sausages on top? The flamingo? The mat? Too cute!IMG_0305


Ready for the beach with board and sand castle-making accoutrements.



Back at the cottage, the barstools and Laura taking a sly selfie through the mirror.



The twin room that inspired a scene in my story.



Someone’s rendition of the cottage:



The famous screened in porch.IMG_0307



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