Month: January 2014

So, shoot me!

Yeah. It’s about guns.  So shoot me. Of all the typical, banal, most trite, most tribal, most revisited, warn-out, decidedly unresolved “controversies” between the left and the right, this is the one that I like the least.  It feels like such a waste of time, and yet it’s also so important, and so boring, and…

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Why Do I Write?

This is a question I ask my students to pose themselves when they take my creative writing class.  I want them to be clear about why they do what they want to do right at the start of the semester because so many people have this idea that creative writing is so much fun and…

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What Does Feminism Mean To Me?

Someone posed this question on a blog, and many answers followed, many from women who seem eager to disavow feminism and detach themselves from the word. Not surprisingly.  The word feminism does have some ugly connotations, though I suspect that many of the ugliness originated in false accusations hurled by people who feel threatened by…

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