An Experience of Spiritual Awakening Eloquently Described

I subscribe to several online meditation sites, most of them associated with the Oneness movement, a spiritual group in India that is spearheaded by the spiritual teachers Amma and Bhagavan.

Today, Patricia Keel, a former Unity minister and now a Oneness Awakening teacher, talked about her experience of awakening while she was doing a meditation in India, at the Oneness retreat called the Deepening Process.

As I have no experience myself with the course or the India ashram, I am not making any endorsement. I can only say that some of my friends have gone there and really loved it and made me think about going myself.

I do love Patricia Keel’s teachings, however, and her description here of experiencing her awakening is moving and compelling. I thought I’d share it in the spirit of the season. Enjoy it.

Patricia Keel's Awakening

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