Happy Diwali

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  1. Laura,
    Is there a link between Lakshmi and the Greek concept of Sophia? I would think so. I see that, like Sophia, Lakshmi assisted in the creator God’s act of creation. I think that she, like Sophia-Spirit, Aphrodite and Athena, and Calypso are all amazing forces of the Feminine that MUST be recognized in both world religions and mythology. You know I stress this in my dissertation research, but I also believe it to be the truth in how we look at religion. I appreciated this read. I had heard of Lakshmi, but mainly in her links to Aphrodite (ehh…) — I sense she is MUCH more dynamic, again like Sophia, or Athena (my favorite!), who is both FORCE and WISDOM… salvation in balance. Oh well, light some candles for us… we are certainly looking forward to the new year!
    Best, Zach

    1. Hi Zach, as I have been studying Sumerian mythology for many years, I am persuaded that Sumerian culture was derived from Hindu culture, or at least that the two had huge influence on one another. I am also persuaded that Ancient Greek culture was the surviver of the Sumerian culture. I can trace almost any of the Sumerian gods into either a HIndu or a Greek counterpart. Lakshmi is most definitely Sophia. I thought of this as I was reading your post on wisdom in your blog. But I was sure that Sophia is not Greek but Hermetic, that is, Egyptian, and also, Hebrew. She appears in the old scriptures of the Hebrew before the decision to excise completely the feminine from the Bible. But I cannot be sure.

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