The Fifth Element: the Sanskrit Akasha, String Theory and The Higgs Boson

3 thoughts on “The Fifth Element: the Sanskrit Akasha, String Theory and The Higgs Boson”

  1. Wow. There is so much to work with here. This came up on my feed earlier today on WP, and I didn’t make the connection that it was your most recent post. I am glad that I made the connection. Rebecca has encouraged me to participate in yoga. This essay/blog has inspired me to at least CONSIDER it… though I am not sure if I am totally there. Meditation, yes, but I like what you have to say about chants and other centering words… I shall try to go a little deeper and incorporate some of these theories into the practice. Thanks!

    1. Yoga is very good exercise for mind and body, but not everyone resonates with it. I do believe that sometimes a practice chooses you rather than the other way around. My husband admires my enthusiasm for yoga but doesn’t share it. For him, it’s Taosim/Tai Chi. He resonates with everything Taoist, and really nothing else, and there is really no intention in it: he started with Reiki then moved to Tai Chi and then began reading Taosit stuff and it all sticks with him. I like it, but it doesn’t stick with me. Same with certain mantras and meditations: some work really well for me, others don’t. It’s a mind boggling thing. To each his own, I guess.

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