The Future in Fiction (Not the Future of Fiction, Please)

3 thoughts on “The Future in Fiction (Not the Future of Fiction, Please)”

  1. This is an excellent observation. I have been fascinated by the novels of William Gibson (over the past twenty years) because he has always extrapolated into the “near future” with his work. Now he is writing about the twenty-teens as the “present” but with his same style. I am pursuing this same near-future focus in my novels. However, it is fraught with risks and pitfalls: what you are extrapolating might actually come true before we get there. Maybe it’s like what the Firesign Theater said over forty years ago: “The Future is Now!”

  2. Interesting thoughts. I think this is why I have been so taken with William Gibson’s novels about the near future (20 years ago) and now he is writing the twenty-teens as present venues with his same near-future style. This is what I have been inspired to do in my writing about the near-future, the extrapolation forward of our current “social moment.” Maybe the Firesign Theater was right over forty years ago when the said: “The future is now!”

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