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ImageI’m pleased to announce that I will be joining the fabulous faculty of the Sanibel Island 2013 Writers’ Conference this November 7-10.

This is hands down one of my favorite conferences ever, and I’m more than a little humbled to be among fellow writers like Steve Almond, Ron Currie Jr., Bath Ann Fennelly, Brock Clarke, Lynne Barrett, and many more.

Take, for instance, this truly enticing description of one of the fiction workshops that will be offered by Christopher Castellani:

Christopher Castellani—Objective Correlative

One of the most difficult challenges every fiction writer faces is how to evoke strong emotion in the reader without melodrama, sentimentality or obvious manipulation. In this class, we will start with T. S. Eliot’s oft-quoted definition of “objective correlative,” discuss its limitations as a general rule, and explore the various ways it can be useful to the fiction writer. We will then look at excerpts from one contemporary novel (Peter Cameron’s Coral Glynn) and one “classic” (Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road) and discuss ways the objective correlative can evoke/contain emotion, transition to backstory, and develop theme.

If you get to class before I do, please save me a seat!!!

And here is another one by poet Richard Blanco (remember his reading at Obama’s inauguration?)

Richard Blanco—Five Ways to Break a Line and Other Mysteries

Where to break a line? What makes a stanza, a stanza? What’s the big deal about iambic pentameter? When does a poem end?  These are some of the questions we will ask as we dive deeper into some of these more elusive, yet essential elements of poetry, namely: construction of the line, rhythm, figurative language, and poetic closure, among others. We will read various illustrative poems, and critique student work in an interactive workshop format for well-seasoned writers with a focus on these questions of craft. Please bring copies of two poems you’d like to workshop for distribution.

Not only do you have these and many more great craft workshops to choose from but there is more: readings, music, songwriting workshops, manuscript consultations, agents and editors, cocktail hours, and let’s not forget, the beauty of Sanibel Island, Florida, in November.

If there is such thing as writer’s paradise this is it.  I love this conference!

And if you’re a student and would like to attend, contact Conference Director Tom DeMarchi for a special discount.  Also, check out the Facebook Page.

So, hope you’ll check out the website:

See you there!

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