The AWPper Day Two

2 thoughts on “The AWPper Day Two”

  1. Thanks, Laura, for your perspective. I live about and hour and half from Boston and, for a time, I really wanted to go for all the reasons you stated. Writers need to be at AWP, I kept telling myself. But I didn’t have an answer to the devil’s advocate that kept asking me this writer needed to be at AWP this year. Finally, I gave up. Too much money, too many sessions, bound to be overcrowded and, perhaps, not as fulfilling as I thought it might be. So I stayed home and but could not stop obsessing about the people I might have met, reunions with folks from my MFA program. and all the delicious things I might have learned. After reading about your day one and two experiences, I’m pretty thrilled that I decided to stay away. This week I got in some good writing and grading (yeah, I do the teaching thing, too). In all honesty, I’m thinking about going to AWP in Seattle next year but if I do, I’ll lower my expectations and settle for great seafood, one good session, and a few half-priced books from the bookfair.

    1. Thanks for responding and for reading the post. I wasn’t intending to go. My publisher promised me a book signing, but as it turns out, the book wasn’t ready. I had already bought the plane fare…

      Maybe I’ll see you in Seattle. These conferences are almost like writing for people like us: inevitable.

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