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Christmas time is a time of gifting, and what better gift than a good book? I have a few to recommend that will have you all feeling loosy goosy with exciting literary promise.

This delightful mystery is spiced with haute cuisine, professional football, a cadre of gorgeous and impossibly limber ballerinas, sailboats, manic depressives and a surprisingly moving romance. Roorback is a seasoned professional.  His language leaps off the page with all the grace and elegance of a very fine Nutcracker Ballet.  You’ll find yourself rooting for this forlorn, lonely football player and for his quest to find his father’s murderer.

You can’t ever go wrong with a Tai Randolph Mystery, and this one packs the punch, the kiss, the laugh, the scream, and everything in between.  From the moment Tai steps foot on that private jet headed to Savannah’s finest golf resort, you will take a breath and won’t exhale for several hundred pages.  In the meantime you’ll be lost in a treasure hunt that sweeps you through a KKK convention, lost islands off the coast of the Atlantic, posh hotels, marsh pools and of course, speeding Ferraris, as you investigate the validity of an artifact that may in fact change our understanding of the history of the Confederacy and of the Old South.

If Regency Romance is your cup of tea, you cannot do better than Susanna Ives’ Rakes and Radishes.  From the moment I discovered Susanna’s witty, lively writing I have been looking forward to her stories like a kid looks forward to Christmas. Rakes and Radishes is a dark comedy about a country bumpkin with airs of grandeur falling in love with city scoundrels for their glamor and their gothic-hero sheen.  But her luck is that her best friend, who is also hopelessly in love with her and infinitely patient, is an earl who prefers to wade through the knee with manure to till and heal his extensive property than to polish up for the London social life.  With a humor that I can only compare to Jane Austin, and a sense of tension that is reminiscent of Christopher Hampton’s Dangerous Liaisons (or Roger Kumble’s Cruel Intentions) you will find yourself hoping that the lovers wake up to each other before they each wreck their own lives hopelessly, drawn by the dazzling bright and seedy London socialite.  This is a romance for smart people, and the historical details are a bonus to this already involving, sweepingly large and beautiful story.

Lucky for us, Susanna’s new book, Wicked Little Secrets, is out with Sourcebooks soon.

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