The Writing Hour

2 thoughts on “The Writing Hour”

  1. I am sure glad having the housework done isn’t a pre-requisite for me to start writing!! Although…once I was expecting visitors and needed to do all the essentials and, of course, a great idea for a story popped into my head just as I plugged the vacuum in 😦 I think I almost wore out the on/off button as I kept thinking up more pieces for the story and ran back and forth to my desk and the back of an old A4 envelope to jot them down. Visitors arrived to a clean and tidy house and my envelope was covered with notes on both sides. I made lunch, we talked, I made afternoon tea, we talked some more, and although they are the most wonderful friends I finally waved them off with a sigh of relief and was tapping out my story before they reached the corner of my street 🙂
    The story was commended a few months later in a competition and short-listed in another the following year 🙂 perhaps it’s time I dug it out again, re-edit and try it again!

    1. Oh yes! I know the feeling. But for me it’s also worked the other way around. Sometimes I love to do the dishes. For some reason, washing dishes helps me to imagine my stories better. Thanks for your post.

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