Month: October 2011

Sumerian Connections to the Bible

Cuneiform TI sign Ancient Near East portal Cuneiform TI or TÌL (Borger 2003 nr. ; U+122FE 𒋾) has the main meaning of “life” when used ideographically. The written sign developed from the drawing of an arrow, since the words meaning “arrow” and “life” were pronounced similarly in the Sumerian language. With the determinative UZU 𒍜 “flesh, meat”, UZUTI, it means “rib”. This homophony…

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Bully See, Bully Do

Last night, after an almost unbearable television essay about teens who ended their lives on account of relentless bullying, I endured yet another twenty minutes of a show in which Dr. Phil, and another prescriber-of-cures-for-social-ills whose name I don’t remember, gave teachers and legislators a grade of C- for their inability to stop bullying in…

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