>Make ‘Em Laugh

4 thoughts on “>Make ‘Em Laugh”

  1. >You guys are too funny. Liz, if you like how they treat you in restaurants, you'll love my new novella I'm writing, "Buried in Briny Bay." One of the MCs owns a diner called Happy Daze. More sayings to come. Susan, nice to see you here. ;0) Tina,you're fortunate they haven't asked you to write a book with their "well-crafted" plot.Bobbye

  2. >I'm lucky enough to come from a Southern family too — the only problem is now everybody finishes their anecdotes with "And you'd better not be puttin' that in some book, you hear me?"

  3. >"Butter my butt and call me a biscuit."That made me howl! I must remember that. I love the south and southerners. A couple of summers ago, we vacationed in Alabama. Whenever we went into a restaurant, we were greeted by people like we were old friends. I loved it.

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