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This week’s Recommended Reading comes from K. Cat, our household’s expert in all things literary and pre-adolescent girlie. She’s reading The Unicorn Girl by M. L. LeGette yet again. This is probably her 11th time through the book, and she says it just gets better and better. “The setting is especially good,” she says. “And I like that the heroine is a girl, and that she is strong and can make a difference. This book shows that a girl can save the day.” K. then offers the first sentences of the book as proof of its wonderfulness:

“In a stone cottage, deep in a dark and entangled forest, sat a tall, thin woman in a high-backed chair. She drummed her bony fingers slowly on the chair’s thick arms, her black eyes roaming the room. She had inky black hair with a few streaks of gray and her high cheekbones were heavily pronounced under her sickly pale skin. Her name was Mora . . . and she was waiting.“

K’s copy is scratched and stained on the cover, its spine bent, its pages somewhat less than crisp and pristine. It is obviously a well-loved book.

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You can read more about The Unicorn Girl or LeGette’s second novel For The Kingdom at her website: http://www.mllegette.com/default.html.

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