>Jenny Schwartz talks about her awesome new eBook ANGEL THIEF

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  1. >Ice skating is beyond my experience — I wobble on rollerskates, but I bet we could compare knee scars, Liz. I seemed to be always falling over/off bikes/whatever. Susanna, you make basketball sound fun?!! (I'm so short, it was simply impossible) As kids netball was girls' winter sport, with football for the boys.You know, when I stop to think about it, one of the best things about being an adult is that no one can force my klutzy self to play sport. Yay, adulthood!

  2. >It was basketball championship time when I was young. I played forward. I remember coming to the gym, my uniform under my warm ups. During the games, we got to play with the leather basketballs. I remember how it spun under my fingers. I kept my eyes on the goal, making a wide arch around the court as I came in for the layup, my converse hightops squeaking on the glossy floor.

  3. >This time of year, I remember taking my ice skates to school and skating after school until the last possible moment when I knew I had to be home. I miss those simple days.Congrats on the new release, Jenny!

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