>Susan and Tina on Sloooow Writing

4 thoughts on “>Susan and Tina on Sloooow Writing”

  1. >Susan came up with "artisinal writing" and I thought it captured the idea perfectly. I am learning how to read poetry again (instead of analyzing it to death). I can only imagine that writing one is this way too.I'll add Isabel Allende to Laura's list and call it mine.And I'll confess — mojitos are marvelous conversational liberators. The words may not always be articulate, but they're always profuse.

  2. >Love this! I prefer a homecooked meal to fast food any day of the week! And I can also picture the two of you having this conversation over a couple of mojitos.

  3. >Awesome, girls! I love to read books that make me feel like I just had a fine meal. Tony Morrison, Sandra Cisneros, Louise Eirdrich and recently Leslie Marmon Silko are the ones who do that for me.

  4. >This is exactly what I needed to read this morning, y'all. "Artisinal writing" is exactly what I aim for, every time I sit down to write. I worry sometimes that poems take a LONG time to be right…sometimes I work on one, brood about it, look at it, tweak it, for a year or so before it's what it was supposed to be all the time. In a world where Stephen King publishes a substantial novel practically every year, why does it take so long to write one single poem? Why? You've reminded me this morning why. Thanks!

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