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Lori Wilde had me with the acknowledgements. Okay, I have to admit, I’d read one of her Twilight, Texas series books. So, I knew what I was getting ready to read. But, as always, I had a surprise. This time it started on page vii before I even got to the actual story. Don’t skip it because it will really get you in the mood to read this book.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve read any books in her Twilight, Texas series, because with no introduction,The First Love Cookie Club will stand on its own. These days, I read mostly romantic fantasy and suspense, but there’s something that just beckons about a wonderful romance as Christmas approaches, especially when it takes place at Christmas. Besides, who can resist a town with a Horny Toad Tavern, a Sweetheart Park and a Merry Cherub store?

The story centers around a self-conscious young teenager who feels out of place, with parents who are married to their careers and no time for little Sarah Ann Collier. Thankfully, she has a Grandmother who lives in Twilight, Texas and tries to take up the slack during the holiday season. It is there in Twilight Sarah discovers the town’s legend about Kismet cookies, the home-baked goodies with magical powers that, if placed under your pillow on Christmas Eve, will make you dream about your soulmate. During all her teen years, Sarah has dreamed about the same guy, Travis Walker, the next-door neighbor’s son. But on the Christmas of her fifteenth year, she discovers Travis is getting married that day. She rushes to the church, dressed in a reindeer sweater with bells and wearing antlers, and declares she’s his soulmate to Travis, his bride and the entire congregation. He tried to let her down easily, but an unrequited first love never truly heals.

A little girl with a broken heart grows up into a woman, goes to college, strikes it big with her first book, The Magic Christmas Cookie, and discovers through a letter from a sick little girl that she has an opportunity to revisit Twilight, this time as the little girl’s favorite author. Perhaps she can regain the self-confidence she lost there. Upon discovering, the little girl, Jazzy, is the daughter of none other than Travis Walker, now divorced after his wife left him, Sarah can’t help but wonder if she has a chance to regain a soulmate as well.

This book starts as what appears to be a romantic romp, oh, so enjoyable but predictable. Don’t forget the author is Lori Wilde, and after all, every small town has sordid secrets. Just like in real life, the road to true love is never traveled without a hitch. Be prepared for surprises when you least expect it. But at the end, you get what you want, a warm and loving feeling,and a knowing that things can turn out happily ever after. So snuggle next to a fire with The First Love Cookie Club and enjoy it with a big cup of hot cocoa laced with a generous dose of Kahlua.

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