>Story Supplies by Katrina Murphy

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  1. >I have always found it the strangest question, the old "where do you get your ideas?" one. The only correct answer — "everywhere" — feels like a smart-aleckly comeback. And yet it's the truth.I think i am going to go through this day with this metaphor. Art supplies. Here a brush, here a daub of paint, here a shiny border and some glue.You've also proven one of my other firmly held beliefs — that the best things in life happen over cookies.

  2. >Great post. "Often, the things I write about aren’t things I decide to write about consciously, but rather, images or ideas that refuse to go away until I write them down."I love how my mind opens up like a old trunk on the page, filled with old photographs, programs of some graduation, pressed flowers, maybe a favorite shirt or dress. I often follow Annie Lamott's advice to just write everything, censor nothing, and see what comes out. What is the true story in the story you are trying to write. Art supplies…

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