>Storytelling and Telling Stories by Tina

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  1. >Our brains are story-making machines. So — with apologies to those other contenders — storytelling is actually the world's oldest profession.

  2. >I love this. I was recently talking to a friend about something I read recently regarding our DNA and theories of consciousness. I was embarrassed that I could not remember any specific scientific detail. Yet I was just done telling her about 1,000 years of myth evolution on a particular god first worshiped in Sumeria, later in Babylonia and Assyria, and making a brief appearance in the Bible. I apologized to her for not remembering any of the scientific details. "I can't remember dates or names or numbers, but I can lecture you for hours on mythology." She said, "That's because you remember stories." That's what it is. I remember stories.

  3. >"A detective of my own life" I like that. Maybe this is why I write mysteries — because memory is always an unreliable narrator, and the best we can do is at least create something worthy of the scraps it offers. A crazy quilt.

  4. >Wow. I'm a story creator. I constantly have stories in my head. They are my tools to cope with reality. I take a situation or an emotion and create story for it, so that I might understand it, see its sides, let it blossom in a protected space. My memory doesn't work. I've become a detective of my own life.

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