>First Gifts

> by Susanna Ives I should preface that my husband is a Viking. The other day, I was watching a special on Vikings. It seems the first waves were the famed pillaging raider types, however many years later, the more peaceful merchant Vikings appeared and set up trade around the globe. My husband is of … Continue reading >First Gifts

>Book Recommendations

> Recommendations from H – the world’s best Borders manager: Cordelia’s Honor (Vorkosigan Saga Omnibus: Shards of Honor / Barrayar)Philosophy mixed with interstellar adventure. Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances.H likes this Manga series so much that if she saw a competitor had the latest book, she would forgo her employee discount! Recommendations from E … Continue reading >Book Recommendations


>Here is an excerpt. The whole story is in Web Conjunctions: The obstetrician was the first to notice. She held the head of the baby, asking the mother for one last push. Words slipped out of the birth canal attached to the baby’s skin along with cawl and amniotic fluid. The nurse held the baby … Continue reading >Logorrhea