>Susanna Interviews Delle Jacobs

4 thoughts on “>Susanna Interviews Delle Jacobs”

  1. >Interesting interview! And so nice to get to know Delle better after my many weeks of stalking her on Facebook! ;-)I love your thought process regarding plot twists. Write the unexpected. Love that. Very intriguing too about the free Kindle reads. Nice to get to know you, Delle!

  2. >This is a great interview! It gives such good insight into both the creative and the business side of Delle's success. Her characters sound fascinating and I'm so happy they're getting the recognition they deserve.

  3. >I love interviews that ask surprising questions — thanks for this one! Not only did it make me want to run out and get a book, it inspired me as a writer. Yay for the road less traveled by — sometimes it leads to 24,000 downloads on Amazon.

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