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Recommendations from H – the world’s best Borders manager

BAYOU MOON by Ilona Andrews
Second in her Edge chronicles. After her parents are kidnaps, Cerise must keep her family together and protect their properties from the strange creatures that live in the Mire, a region of swamplands which exist in between US and magical realm the Weird. At the same time William, a changeling warrior, has been sent into the Mire to track down an evil spymaster bent on killing all changelings. No holds barred action, believable romance, and intense individualistic characters (they are all nuts.)

Scion of an ancient House, Malian knows her duty is to protect her people against the Darkswarm. However, some people think the Darkswarm no longer exist. Believable and complex characters. Fully realized civilization and intricate plot line. One of books that you still like characters even if you don’t agree with all their decisions. Looks like the start of a good new series.

Recommendations from E – the wonder librarian and bookworm.

STORK RAVING MAD by Donna Andrews
Andrews is writer who doesn’t have to strain to be comical, her humor flows naturally. Anytime your heroine is eight and half months pregnant, it’s gonna be funny! While hosting a flamboyant playwright, her animal activist grandfather, flaky cousin, and several of her husband’s college students in her home, a murder occurs. Our heroine Meg must find the killer in between bathroom breaks, naps, and labor.

THE PASSAGE by Justin Cronin
An epic novel about vampires who were engineered by the US Military. The vampires ravage the country to satisfy their blood lust. Humanity chances rest mainly on one little girl (who is kinda weird). A novel lover’s novel.

BODY WORK by Sara Paretsky
V.I. is back!

Great Southern revenge novel, climaxing with debutante ball in Wal-Mart parking lot. Funny, funny, funny.

What books do you recommend?

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  1. >These are great recs, thanks!I've been on a Laurie Halse Anderson kick lately–WINTERGIRLS, SPEAK. I'm also rereading Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER which I adore.

  2. >I finished Stephen King's LISEY'S STORY just in time to be disturbed and nightmared up for Halloween. I will never again look at an OXO old-fashioned can opener and not shudder.

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