>Tina’s Review of CAPTIVE SPIRIT by Liz Fichera

6 thoughts on “>Tina’s Review of CAPTIVE SPIRIT by Liz Fichera”

  1. >I really really loved this book, as a reader for its captivating story, and as a writer for its skill. Fascinating, smart, quietly challenging — I took out whole swaths of review where I gave away too much of the plot.So yes, everyone, go read it!I'm glad you appreciated the beverage, Nicki. Our belief here at Mojito Literary Society is that the right drink makes everything just so much nicer!

  2. >I adored this book! I'm so glad Tina decided to review it because she can see into the writer's mind. Wow, it was a stunning review. If you are a thinking reader, this is your love story.

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