>Liz Fichera discusses CAPTIVE SPIRIT

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  1. >Hi Laura, and thanks! At one point, there were literally tens of thousands of Hohokam Indians populating the Sonoran Desert. That's a lot of people to just up and disappear! It remains a mystery.

  2. >Hi Nicki!Great to see you here! Litchfield Park is just west of where I live. I believe they have found Hohokam petroglyphs there as well. Let me know when you go for a visit!

  3. >Thanks for doing this interview. I am intrigued. A good story is just the way I like to learn about different cultures.This sounds like a perfect read before the next time I go visit my girlfriend in Litchfield Park just outside Phoenix.

  4. >Hi Tina!Thanks for your lovely comments–and so hope you enjoy the book. Please let me know!Regarding "Those Who Have Gone," the cool thing about the Hohokam is that no one knows why/how they left the Sonoran Desert. There are all sorts of theories–war, migration with other tribes, drought. I even read one story where they thought aliens (like, from space) were involved. Anyway, no one knows for sure why they vanished to this very day.

  5. >What a lovely interview! I am especially intrigued by the name "Those Who Have Gone." What a fascinating idea — I'm glad it took hold and developed into this book, which I am headed off to Carina Press to get.

  6. >Hi Sondrae!Great to see you here too–thanks for coming over. :-)Carina Press puts out some gorgeous covers. When I first saw it, I literally got tears in my eyes. Also, a little bit of trivia, the woman who modeled for this cover friended me on Facebook. How cool is that?!What tribe are you researching?

  7. >Hi Eleri!Great to see you here. Thanks for your kind words about my novel too–hope you enjoy it! Regarding the best Mojito recipe, if you love sugar, lime juice, mint, and rum, you'll love them! It's tough to have just one. Maybe Susanna has a recipe…

  8. >This one's been on my TBR pile for after I've finished my current WIP. I'm with you on loving first drafts and hating edits, synopsis writing, etc which is what I've been avoiding all morning. Also a confession: I've never had a mojito. Is there a favorite recipe here?

  9. >Hi Jennifer!Great to see you here! I've rewritten the golf girl story about a million times. Hopefully this time I got it right. We'll see.Thanks for adding Captive Spirit to your list! I so appreciate it and look forward to hearing what you think. 🙂

  10. >Hi Susanna!Thanks again for hosting me today. I know it's early (at least where I live) but I've already got the pitcher of mojitos chillin'. I'm currently doing some edits on a YA that I've been working on for about a year. It's about a Native American girl golfer. I love the story. Let's hope a few editors do too. :-)Once that's finished, I want to return to a retelling of a very popular legend here in the Wild West that I believe history got wrong, at least from the Native American end. Am in the middle of doing my research. It's still in the early stages. We'll see where it takes me.

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