>Her Face is a Map of the World

4 thoughts on “>Her Face is a Map of the World”

  1. >Susan Sarandon once said about her decision not to touch up with surgery: "I think I've earned my face." I'd like to think we should all want to earn our faces, and by that I mean with experience, not with disposable cash. I am one to talk: I am in favor of spa facials and yes, even plastic surgery, but I think there is a beauty to the untouched aging face that we forget.

  2. >There are those of us men who feel the same way about our own bodies and the bodies of our wives. That the body is the home of the soul is a given, the brain and the heart are the home of consciousness. I love this 55 year old body I walk around in, and it sure as hell isn't as pretty or perfect as it once was. And I love my wife and I love her body as her home as well. The bizarre body image/photoshop unrealistic/skinny industry is idiocy that has no place on this planet. Your essay is lovely.

  3. >It feels like walking into a meat grinder sometimes, participating in this culture. I am glad you love your body for all the good lovely reasons you mention, but most importantly, because it is the house of your soul. Thanks for sharing this.

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