>I’ll wait for the paperback…

4 thoughts on “>I’ll wait for the paperback…”

  1. >Tina, you're book will be the the only exception. I will love it and snuggle it until it files sexual harrassment charges. "But officer, I was only stroking the spine, it's not like i was licking the pages or anything!!!"

  2. >A lovely post. I like books that look like they've been loved, with the oily potato chip stains and brownie crumbs and worn corners where they've been toted around. I like used books were people have highlighted or made notes.

  3. >I'm with you on the loved part, hardback or paperback. My library is filled with both, and filled with notes and highlights and probably peanut butter splotches. I like hardcovers because you don't have to break their spines to make them friendly (and my significant other won't let me bend his paperbacks. He thinks it's uncouth.I might be a smidgen prejudiced toward hardcovers because (Blatant Self-Promotion warning) my own is premiering in hardcover. And I plan on cuddling with it all night.

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