>The Day the Brownies Made Me Think

6 thoughts on “>The Day the Brownies Made Me Think”

  1. >I honestly read this and blushed harder with each sentence. I'm a worshipper of the frankenfood. Meals in a box- I have everything from tacos to stroganoff. I always assumed that brownies, cakes, and such start out as powder from a box. And Prego is the most important thing on my grocery list. I should really take the time to figure out how to make all of these things the real way…

  2. >I would like to eat at Abigail's house.This is my favorite line: "It's not the frankenfoods which are the problem. It's the zombification of food, when all the food offered is strange and unnatural."I think of this when I read about this new class of chef, you know the ones. They serve cilantro froth and perfect cubes of molded shrimp paste on dry ice. In test tubes.I know a gluten-free chick. She picks out great wine and likes to eat outdoors. She's one of my absolute favorite people to eat with because she knows what's in her food and appreciates it.

  3. >You should stop hanging around that gluten-free chick. Just imagine how pure your philosophy would be then. Frankenfoods have their place, such as in my children's lunchbox. Let the nice teachers deal with my hyperactive children. If course, I'm kidding. I think you can eat natural and gluten-free/dairy-free. It's baking that's hard. Diabetes is a bitch, as we well know.

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